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How Can Personal Training Help you?

  • Extra motivation to help stay on track
  • Be accountable to someone for your training and nutrition
  • Develop a routine that you can stick to long term
  • Personalized and effective training, every workout
  • Proper technique and safe training
  • Fresh ideas continually to keep you interested
  • and, of course … FASTER RESULTS!

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You’ve come to a place and time in your life where you are not satisfied and maybe not even grateful…. and something needs to change.  Change is in you and sometimes we just need the help of another, perhaps this time it’s a coach.  Yes a personal coach, where the focus is all on you, helping to bring out the best you. Sometimes there can be so much we want to achieve, do, be and have and we don’t know where to start and our old programs, stories we tell ourselves can hinder our change to the life we want.  If you are ready to take that leap, and you will have to act and leap, know you do not need to be alone. That’s where I come in as a coach. I am here to help keep you accountable and to sort out what’s really important and then provide the space for you to create that life you have always wanted. Whether it’s relationships, career or personal change you are looking for, let’s begin with a conversation and see if we are a right fit and can work together to help you achieve what you desire.

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Fueling your body with the ‘RIGHT’ fuel is not only essential to a well functioning body but for a well functioning mind too. There is a lot of information about Nutrition out there these days, from Facebook to Instagram to searching on the internet. Not all of it is good or true and it’s important to know how to evaluate the information and make sure it’s right for you.  If you are feeling sluggish both in the body and mind, is it time for a cleanse?  Toxins are they in you and what can you do to remove them? Keto Diet, is it right for you? Raw Food, Vegan, where do I get my protein? These are all questions I can help you answer and I want you not to take my word for it, rather I want you to really listen to the information and then decide what is best for you. I believe you have all the answers you need within, sometimes we just need a little help to hear them.  A nutritionally strong body makes a strong mind and these two areas help in being healthy emotionally and then spread to all other areas of your life. Let’s talk and see how you can help yourself.

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I am so excited for you that you are here. Yes, right here. If you have gotten this far, I am thinking you are curious about who is COACH PAM and what can she offer me? And if you stumbled upon my website, there may be a reason why you are still reading my page so I am excited for you as well.

I have been a COACH for 26 years. I started out as a sports coach, as I love truly every type of sport. In my twenty’s I found women’s rugby and fell in love. I had loved basketball, volleyball, fastball and swimming for the years before but rugby was to be ‘my sport’. Soon after playing and competing at a provincial level I realized I wanted to share they is other women and girls and my love and passion of coaching was born.

As I took a coaching program from Douglas College, I learned more beyond just physical preparation. I was intrigued by the mental training side of sport and from there began my journey that would take me for next 26 years into the world of personal coaching. I continually take courses as I find the more I learn, the more there is to learn and so my love of learning too has grown.

Whether you find yourself interested in personal training, personal coaching or nutrition coaching,  I give you my mission in sharing that my purpose is to serve you to the best of my abilities, my focus is on you. My reward comes from helping you find your strength, passion, purpose and feeling awesome!  Everything I do is personalized. If you are willing to give yourself the gift of time and energy to be your best you, you will have the exact same from me. I am so looking forward to meeting you and if the time and fit is right to be working with you.


Much love,


Coach Pam

Pam Hadikin


So great! Congratulations on taking action, it truly is the only that allows change to happen. Yes you had to start with a thought, yet ultimately it’s in the action step that change goes from a thought to reality.   Let’s talk.  You can email me at or call me directly at (250) 951-2523.

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